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About Pai

My name is Raghavendra Pai and I am basically from Nileshwar which is a small town (not exactly a town:) ) in north of Kerala , India. My friends call me Pai as my surname is Pai. My father was a bank employee , I have not been stayed in one place. But as my fathers native and had  our house in Nileshwar we often refer Nileshwar as home town. The above picture is my house at Nileshwar.

Now currently living in Trivandrum Capital of Kerala (State in India).I am married to Krishnaprabha and have twins (Arjun and Lakshmi) . I have been in Trivandrum for 2 years now and was previously been in couple of other cities before reaching here. I was in Mumbai, Bengaluru , Chennai before finally in Trivandrum.

By profession I am a software developer and loves coding but apart from that for couple of months I have started Terrace farming. My blog intention was to post more about Worship places I visit and heard of and also add more about my farming experience. I also plan to add general stuff like personal thought , events and all.

I would appreciate any comments you have.



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